So, apparently Putin is missing again and Twitter is in an uproar. No doubt in a few hours/days we’ll be getting articles about how he’s dead, sick, in the Baltics, fathering a second child with Kabayeva, fathering a child with Medvedev, being overthrown in a military coup, incapacitated after celebrating the Brexit too hard, getting plastic surgery, being held against his will in the dorm of a certain Russian studies student/blogger, and all other manners of theories that even the National Enquirer would reject as being too ill researched…

Then we’ll be told that he’s just weaponizing his own disappearance, and that we should send more NATO troops to the Realm of Implausibility to combat the propaganda.

Finally, when Putin “reappears”, we’ll blame the whole hysterical mess on him.



Hey, his image has even already appeared on the carton of my daily milk за вредность!





    • I know, right? Or at the least, they need to renounce the title of “Russia expert”.
      Dead men tell no tales, but they do apparently negotiate with living world leaders.


  1. Watched the news at 19:00 yesterday, saw Putin meeting the mayor of Sevastopol Menaylo in his cabinet in Kremlin. Didn’t even knew that Putin was missing in the first place.

    Oh dear Free and Independent Western Media (copy-pasting fakes from such crap-eaters like half-“repressed” RBK)! You are worthless idiots.


      • J.T… this is amazing! I just recently saw this “marble facepalm” statue, saved the link in order to post it pretty soon on basically anything (like, what, we lack reasons for that now?) – and here you are posting it!

        Oh, well. There are plenty of other funny facepalm pictures. Like this one from “Ivan Vasil’evich changes profession”:

        And the fact that this desinformation began emanating in the first place from the supposedly “neutered” and “pogromed” RBK, well…


        • Oh Ivan Vasilievich! I still need to watch that movie.
          Now, is it true that Prokhorov is selling off some of his assets (including his shares in Uralkali and ownership of RBK) “under pressure from the authorities”, as some outlets report?


          • And whom said “outlets” cite as their evidence that he is doing that “under pressure” from the nefarious Regime? Things like that are matters of faith. Russophobes and liberasts need no proof that there was indeed any “pressure”, operating purely on consiracy theory basis, with the rule №1 being “There is no such thing as a coincidence”. And let’s ignore for a moment that Prokhorov is losing money for a long time now, so he simply can liquidate assets that he deems useless.

            Sufficient to say that when this story about “pogromed” RBK and Prokhorov having hard time from the authorities surfaced months ago a frined on mine (who’s still on a forum where I’m banned) made, at my suggestion, a bet with one of users, who claimed that “Aiiii! Putin will arrest Prokhorov! RBK will become new RT!”. So, months later, he admitted that the was wrong, that no one is arrested, that RBK is as pathetically liberal as ever, and done his part of the bet – surrendered his account to my friend.


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