Duolingo II: The return of WAT

A little while back I shared some humorous/dark screenshots of grammar examples from the Duolingo Russian course, with the ominous warning that “This should be fun”. I was joking, of course, and thought the only reason the examples were so strange was because I was working on the “Body, Life and Death” section.

However, Duolingo has surprised me again with another batch of odd examples, this time from the Adj. 2 and Short&Long sections.


Oh, thank goodness… Because lord knows what would’ve happened if those had been FAKE ducks living in the house!


Don’t judge, Duolingo. A man from China – Xi Shun – was The Guiness World Records’ Tallest Man in 2005. There’s always an exception to the rule.




I’m right there with you, Duolingo. Unfortunately, it’s often hard to tell whether a book is OK or stupid until it’s too late.

Nice talking to you, friend.


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