No Netflix, No Chill: Russia’s Culture Minister Would Rather Purge than Binge – NYU Jordan Center

In the West, we’ve long been familiar with the clear and present danger of Netflix.

Source: No Netflix, No Chill: Russia’s Culture Minister Would Rather Purge than Binge – NYU Jordan Center

J.T.: Thoughts, anyone?



  1. Well, what can I say. Medinsky is notorious for his insane quotes. Yet his ministry is just as notorious for sponsoring with huge sums of money most stupid and hmm… for lack of better term – movies met by public as russophobic. Like Mikhalkov’s turd “Burnt by the Sun” 2-3 or Zvyagintsev’s “masterpiece” “Leviafan”.

    So this adorable character (with degree as PR manager as I understand) manages with unusual skill antagonize both “West-loving” and patriotic parts of society.

    To be fair to him some things he says do make sense or at least worth considering. Like single history book for schools mentioned in this article.

    Next I have to say few things on Borenstein and Netflix itself.

    Netflix first. This is company that produced “Ukraine on Fire”, “House of Cards” seasons 3 and 4 and most recently “Peaky Blinders” which used to be decent show right until cossacks made their appearance. I doubt “Evil GosDep” makes them produce all that crap but they produce it nevertheless. And in during political climate… website that takes seriously British claims on Russian government behind hooligans in Marseille… simply doesn’t have a moral right to criticize such theories.

    Oh and BTW! If I remember correctly during famous “Sony hack” hackers actually released email with suggestions from State Department on how to show Russia and North Korea. So nothing is actually impossible.

    Next is our dear поц Borenstein. He demonstrated little knowledge of what he is writing. Googling Medinsky’s person and putting together few of his quotes does not constitute any knowledge. And referring to RenTV shows about aliens, ancient civilizations and conspiracies of reptiloids as a significant marker of “mediascape” should earn him a place in psychiatric ward along with other people who take those shows seriously.

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  2. “Next is our dear поц Borenstein.”

    Alexey, торагой! Таки зогчем ви тrавите? 😉

    As for the article – it’s basically about nothing. Yes, Medinskiy is one of the most controversial Russian Ministers of Culture. Still – a hell of improvement compared to Shvydkoy. One important note though – AFAIK, there is no analog of Ministry of Culture in the USA – or a lot of other Western countries. In Russia Ministry fulfills the important role of the major sponsor and funder of virtually all aspects of cultural pursuits. Claiming that Russian state must cough up more and more money funding either openly Russophobic crap or some stupid comedies without having a say in what it going on is disingenuous.

    Reading the drivel which in the “About NYU Jordan Center” it’s clear to me that this newly created, uhm, “institution” is firmly in the globalist camp. The list of their “Experts” is very, very handshakable – they even have Mark Galeotti among them! So, Mr. Borenstein looks absolutely natural among them – after all, he enriched the world with such undoubtedly valuable work as “Holy Appropriate: Why Pussy Riot and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour are a match made in heaven.” (The Calvert Journal. January 22, 2014). And, yes, this Jordan Whatever invited the Great and Mighty Tolokno to the interview. Borenstein has such click-baity (or troll-baity, to be honest) intros to his incredibly thoughtful posts as “Throw out your condoms and pick up your Bibles (but try not to confuse the two, or you’ll run afoul of Russian laws protecting the delicate feelings of religious believers)” .

    Another distinguished author among their tight ranks is Ilarian Parogni, writing for the “Quartz” some thoroughly acceptable articles.

    In his article Mr. Borenstein is clearly unimpressed by silly paranoia expressed by the Russian state officials. He writes:

    “Equally telling is Medinsky’s dismissal of the very idea of technical innovation without government sponsorship: “And, what, you thought these gigantic startups emerge by themselves? One little college student sits down, has himself an idea, and billions of dollars just rain down from above?!””

    This Jordan Whatever is part of the Ney York Uni, which, according to its own “About” page:

    “More than 175 years ago, Albert Gallatin, the distinguished statesman who served as secretary of the treasury under Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, declared his intention to establish “in this immense and fast-growing city … a system of rational and practical education fitting for all and graciously opened to all.” Founded in 1831, New York University is now one of the largest private universities in the United States. Of the more than 3,000 colleges and universities in America, New York University is one of only 60 member institutions of the distinguished Association of American Universities.”

    Their page titled “Board of Trustees” is so choke full of potential food for trolls, that I felt a little bit overwhelmed at first. Their Trustee Roster includes representatives of the business which basically owns America (William R. Berkley – W.R. Berkley Corporation; Steven S. Miller – JP Morgan Chase & Co), foreign governmental officials (Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak – Government of Abu Dhabi), thoroughly free and independent representatives of the Western Media (Maria Bartiromo – Fox Business Network; Steven M. Cohen – MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated; Charles Zegar – Bloomberg, L.P) and many, many other very successful (and filthy rich) people.

    And a couple of words about the generous philanthropist Boris Jordan, thanks to whom such amazing place as the Jordan College became a reality. This is not a classified data – it’s all available in his Wikipedia page. According to which “His father Alexey and his grandfather Boris were white émigré and part of the Russian corps in Yugoslavia.” . What this shy and conscientious PediWikian article don’t accentuate though, is who the hell were those White Russians and what they did to the Serbs while assisting Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia. Equally silent is this article on the fact how his father and grandfather wounded up in the USA – I guess, it automatically assumes that its readership is familiar with the “Operation Paperclip”.

    What is of especially interest to us though is this part of Mr. Jordan’s bio:

    “An American of Russian ancestry, Boris Jordan assisted Russia’s economic transition to capitalism in the early 1990s, assisting in the launch of the Russian stock market and the privatization of state assets. Later appointed chief executive of Russia’s Gazprom Media as well as general director of its NTV television network, Jordan was forced to resign in early 2003 under political pressure.”


    “From 1992 to 1995, Boris Jordan was Managing Director of the Moscow office of CS First Boston. During his tenure, CS First Boston became a leading investment bank in Russia, engaged in privatization, corporate finance and securities trading.”


    “Since 2007 Mr. Jordan is a Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a member of The Board Of Trustees of New York University.”

    To no one’s particular surprise, it turns out that he is the NYU alumnus as well. The English version of the article don’t even mention that there were accusations of Jordan, that CIA provided him with the starting capital to establish his investment bank “Renaissance Capital” on 1995. Despite having to abandon the chair of president of Gazprom Media in 2003 he still has his tentacles in Russian pro-liberast media – e.g. “The Snob” magazine. He never applied for Russian citizenship. It is there we learn more tasty tidbits of his bio – like the fact that his mother since 1950s worked in Radio Liberty.

    In short, we have a butthurt plunderer and pillager, that was a high roller during the Rough 90s, with pretensions of being a “philanthropist” to silence all those critics, who remind him about his role in first absolutely rigged and corrupt privatization auctions (he was one of the people responsible for their organization and due process) while he wasn’t even 30 years old. In 1994 (that’s right, when he was only 28) he somehow managed to purchase a Novolipetsk metallurgy combine – which was the first time FSB took notice of him.

    Wouldn’t it be such a bright to create a new think tank dedicated to “studying Russia” with a caveat that those studies, ordinary propaganda notwithstanding, will very pronounced slant? Boom – you have his little Egopolis aka Jordan College!

    The article just rips out of the context facts trying to push one message – “Oh-ho-ho-ho! Zis Russians are zo crazy!”. We are made to believe that the Regime is needlessly tightening the screws and stamps down the freedoms and liberties of the Human Beings. And how can Mr. Borenstein not to add some anecdotal evidence to present Russian working class people as primitive stupid bydlo? C’mon, why are you laughing?! That’s so funny!

    Unfortunately for them, the Western Free and Independent Media are not the mythical hydra – many headed snake with one mind behind it. In reality it proved to be more like zmei Gorynych from our Russian skazki – three (or more) headed dragon, with constantly squabbling heads that can’t boast a very high level of IQ in the first place. While one head tries to sweet-talk everyone into thinking of it as a harmless lizard, another one decides to swallow someone whole. And the third one decides to take a crap.

    Case in study – sudden zrada from VICE NEWS:

    “The Intelligence Community is going to have to justify its relationship with Hollywood.

    Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein, the Republican chairman and ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, included an amendment in the annual intelligence-spending bill passed late last month that calls for the Director of National Intelligence to submit an annual report to congressional oversight committees detailing how the CIA and 15 other intelligence agencies interact with the entertainment industry.

    The measure, which defines the entertainment industry broadly, follows a series of reports published by VICE News over the past year detailing the agency’s role in the production of 22 entertainment-related projects between 2006 and 2011. They included major motion pictures like Zero Dark Thirty and Argo; reality television series such as Top Chef; the cable drama series, Covert Affairs; and books including The Devil’s Light by Richard North Patterson. In the case of Zero Dark Thirty, writer and producer Mark Boal and Katherine Bigelow gave CIA officers involved in the operation that resulted in the killing of Osama bin Laden gifts including dinners, fake pearl earrings, a bottle of tequila, and tickets to a Prada fashion show. The filmmakers, in turn, got access.

    In some instances CIA officials disclosed classified information to producers and writers. An investigation by the CIA’s inspector general (IG) into the agency’s dealings with Bigelow and Boal identified several potential criminal violations of federal law, such as the bribery of public officials and witnesses, by the filmmakers. (The Senate Intelligence Committee receives classified versions of the CIA’s IG reports at the time they are finalized. It appears that the catalyst behind the amendment is news stories detailing the CIA’s relationship with Hollywood.)


    It’s unclear whether the amendment would effectively put an end to the CIA’s relationship with Hollywood, although that seems unlikely. A spokesperson for the CIA was not immediately available to comment about the amendment. Burr’s office also did not respond to specific questions about the measure.”

    Tsk! Also, linked VICE article mention as CIA sponsored the following works of entertainment industry: the History Channel documentary “Air America: The CIA’s Secret Airline”, the BBC documentary “The Secret War on Terror”, and a book, that was redacted on national security grounds. The CIA didn’t reveal the other 14 projects it has supported. And the less is said about absolutely atrocious Russophobic slant of the Covert Affairs the better.

    But, yeah – free and independent Hollywood producers! No pressure from the government, no-ope!

    Given all that, I can’t help but to quote the second most popular phrase attributed to our Foreign Minister Lavrov – “Who are you to fucking lecture us?”

    P.S. J.T. – thank you very much for it! I greatly enjoyed mud racking in the process of writing this expose!

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