AUGH! *flips table*

Sorry about the very crude, very unprofessional title here. But I’ve just read an article that makes me not only want to flip a table, but also want to slam this laptop shut, give up Russia-watching and Russian Studies forever, and gouge my own eyes out with the frame of that Vladimir Putin portrait that’s always hanging above my work desk for some reason.


It’s by Scott Gilmore. Its for the Boston Globe. And it’s a piece of crap.

CloJHHhWYAANv0K.jpg large

Not only is this a very derogatory, ill-informed, and downright embarrassing piece written by a person with ZERO Russia experience, but it also uses cherry picked facts, misleading statistics and absolutely no context.

It’s at times like this that I realize just how mind-boggling the degree to which some of my fellow countrymen are unaware of what’s happening in the world really is. When we’re handed this kind of propaganda (I’m sorry. There’s no other word for it!) by Gilmore, which not only uses carefully selected facts to give the worst possible profile of an entire nation, but actually serves up outright lies that even Gilmore himself would know are total BS, it’s really no wonder that we have formed such fantastical opinions. What I cannot understand, as this type of article appears again and again, is how this still supposedly carries the standard of “good journalism”.

Maybe I should just quit this Russia thing while I’m ahead.



  1. “Some”? (chuckling sinisterly)

    Imagine me living here for over a decade and seeing TV or newspapers from time to time and meeting strange people in bars who are very passionate about Putin for some reason.

    I’m periodically giving up on following any news for years (and watching TV shows and movies that have any chance to feature Russia).

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  2. “Maybe I should just quit this Russia thing while I’m ahead.”

    If you do I won’t judge you, J.T. I of all the people know this feeling after reading yet another “honest” and “balanced” article from the seemingly Respectable Western Media Outlet ™, which turns out to be something more befitting a bottomless cloacae of modern Ukrainian journalism.

    These days I visit InoSMI only rarely, when I have absolutely nothing else to do with my time, and, naturally, I don’t read most of the articles. Even then, there is a good chance that once in a while I will stumble upon something so putrid and vomitorium belonging, that would result in me feeling nothing, but pure, white hot world-shattering hatred for hours to come.

    But when such strong, albeit harmful by its nature, emotion as the hatred leads not to despair or to desire for destruction, but to something aimed precisely against the source of your disturbance, to something creative – then hatred can become cathartic experience.

    Honestly – the article is a new low for the Western journalism (Achievement unlocked: New depth to fall). Naturally, this article is already translated on InoSMI. Comment section there demonstrated not the anger but desire to laugh at such crude and silly generalizations heaped on one another. And the fact that it was written by a Canadian official of all the people, gives so much food for trolling and dissing.

    But the article fulfilled its purposes. First – more people in Russia became less naïve and susceptible to the fairy tale about “everyone loves Russia and Russians in the West – its all Vlad Putin’s lies that there is any kind of Russophobia there”. Second – it made people search and educate themselves trying to disprove all this insanity. It didn’t took them too long, to find out that “uhm, actually!” ™:

    – Russia is not dying out. Even Mark Adomanis, despite his anti-Putin turn in recent years, still admits it. The life expectancy increased compared to the 90s. In fact, even during this newest, “Dark Side” period, Adomanis got into a flame war with Masha Gessen, disproving in his Forbes post all her scary stories about “Russians losing will to live” (c) and “dying Russia”. For which was branded as Kremlenite agent by her.

    – Leaders in infant mortality are India and the USA (sic) not Russia

    – The percentage of the people below the poverty line in India is 32%, In Russia – 13%.

    – As for the claim that Russia is №1 in alcohol consumption – unless Putin and KGB weaponized Google as well, we can safely claim this as not true as well.

    And many, many others.. One question appeared from time to time among the commenters: “If you are o sure, that Russia is so weak – why are you crapping yourself?”. We are used to this Western trope, that Russia is weak, that one good kick and the edifice will collapse, etc. Both USA and UK military analysts (and, of course, Hitler) were 100% sure that the Soviet Union would not survive the Nazi onslaught and everything would be over by Christmas, 1941. Yeah, I know – “how unfair”!

    And I agree with the general consensus about the article. Yeah – it’s bad. It’s so over the top bad, that actually funny in a silly way. There is nothing to hate here, nothing to despair about. And the comment section below the original is nothing new, really. Rather typical Russophobia.

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