Administrative Update (It’s summertime, and you know what that means)

It’s the (2nd) most wonderful time of the year: summer break! With reports and research out of my hair for the next few months, I’ll be able to designate more of my efforts to blogging. Hence this new batch of administrative updates.

  • Now that I’m out for the summer, not only will I have more time to review books but also to write substantive non-review posts! They will also be Russia-related (notes on foreign language, trends I’ve noticed among Russia books, translations, maybe a little media criticism if I see something especially stupid) but no hardcore opinion pieces.
  • A Contact form has been added to the site. Now if you have questions/comments and don’t want them to appear under a post, there’s a place to send them. I’ll try to respond promptly. If over time I see this function is just being used for spam, I will remove it.
  • Summertime is also when I’m able to get back to my drawing and creative illustration, so I’ll be doing a lot of that as well. I might even post some of my work here if I feel it’s relevant to Russia or books (or both). I’ve been challenged by someone in the real world to do a short satirical series called Russian Imperialism Comix. Let’s see if that happens.

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