Reading on Russia Roundup #9

The latest batch of Levada Center Statistics is out! According to the data, Vladimir Putin’s May approval rating stands at 80 percent, and 49 percent of Russians think the country is heading in the right direction. 43 percent of Russians believed the verdict of the Savchenko case (22 years of imprisonment, prior to her exchange for Erofeev and Alexandrov) to be fair. Also, Russian views on the current economic crisis.

Russia Direct interviews Russia’s Ambassador to NATO, Alexander Grushko on the return of the Cold War model of confrontation.

Another Valdai Club article. According to Richard Sakwa, Russia should steer away from supporting right-wing populists in Europe and instead look at general openness when it comes to attempting to resolve the current crisis in relations with the EU.



One comment

  1. “Sakwa also said that Russia should seek to be tolerant, inclusive and open to dialogue, as both are traditions of Russia and Europe.”

    Translation: Russia must surrender and back down everywhere. And the part about “both are traditions of Russia and Europe” makes me laugh.

    Nothing real is suggested. “Let’s talk and our problems will go away!” is not a solution. This feel-good approach presumes (rather wrongly) that if only this “magical” and full of toleration dialog could have happened, Russia will change its backwards ways.

    And this is said by Sakwa – one of the very few non-Russophobic members of the Western intellectual elite, who’s book on the War in Ukraine is susprisingly not bad.


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