Return from Rantsville

I’ve finally returned from my brief week-long trip to Rantsville (a.k.a. writing the reviews to Russia: Putin’s Playground and Winter is Coming). It really is “a city like no other”, though definitely not in a good way. The Kasparov book review should be up in a few days. For the next month or so, I’ll now purposefully go out of my way to find and review decent books on Russia (or at least books that don’t piss me off as badly).

ты шутишь

Because seriously, I don’t think this face should be appearing as often as it does



  1. In the totalitarian, soul-crushing time of the Soviet Union (“Evil Empire” ™ according to the Free World), the most harmful jobs were not only well-paid for, people also received all sorts of benefits. One of them – free milk за вредность. This practice continues to this day in Putin’s Russia, showing that he and Stalin are the same thing really.

    Because you, J.T. is involved in one of the most toxic (and harmful for one’s braincells) work, you can safely count on at least 0.5. liters per day of milk or of equivalent milk products.


  2. Good luck with that. I was pissed off by every single book about Russia in English I ever read.

    Admittedly though I’m mostly interested in books on history. This subject probably suffers the worst.

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    • Tell me about it. My review of ‘Russia: Putin’s Playground’ shows a rather recent example of how badly a Westerner can botch Russian history.


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