Reading on Russia Roundup, #3

Another week, another compilation of interesting Russia reads from across the web:

From the Carnegie Moscow Center, Dmitri Trenin explores the drivers of Russia’s policy in the Middle East.

Gilbert Doctorow’s impressions of the recent “Direct Line with Vladimir Putin” program. Full English-language transcript of the show here and a video of the show (in Russian) here.

An article on Sean’s Russia blog about Russian debt collector violence. Frightening.

Five keys to resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict peacefully, from Russia Direct.

Dmitry Polikanov on “Direct Line”…

…And another article from the Carnegie Moscow Center muses on the future of U.S.-Russian relations.




  1. Obviously thozse starving in the streets weren’t asked to call in to ‘Direct Line’. We all know Putin won’t make it to the US election, let alone his own. Ukraine will be victorious!


    • Your assertion would surprise me…if pundits hadn’t made dozens of such failed predictions of Putin’s imminent overthrow since the start of his 3rd term. And again, you have cited no evidence to support your claim.


      • I dont need to. If you were able to read anything other than state propaganda news, you’d see that the evidence is right in front of you: economic recession, massive corruption, more protests, endemic and growing poverty against a backdrop of international isolation and costly military adventures. Face it; with these conditions Putin won’t survive for much longer.


        • How do you know I read only Russian state propaganda? In any case, the US is supposed to be a free country.
          I must inform you that you are very close to violating Rule 4 of the site comments policy: ad hominem and individual attacks. Tread carefully.


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